Saturday, January 28, 2006

DEMON FUZZ was the brainchild of Paddy Corea. It was born
from his sojourn in Africa (Marocco)1968-69) The idea was to
blend all the musical influences & poly-rhythmic styles he had experienced, from Sax to Steelpan, from Jazz, Reggae, Classical,
Indian ragas, Suffie Arabic, Calypso, Blues, Ethiopian church
music, Ska, Kwela & African Highlife and the music
of the Joe Harriot-Shake Keane   INDO-JAZZ FUSIONS.
All these influences in my head synthesized into Demon Fuzz.
Now add two other people with similar influences,,  Roy Rhoden & Winston Joseph (our composers) and you'll understand why we were unique and how we came to literally construct a different style of music.
On top of that add  Clarence (Brooms) Crosdale,  Sleepy Jack Joseph and Godwin Lil' John who believed in our direction and you have the complete picture of the musical band DEMON FUZZ..All we wanted was a unique singer to FIT this style.. We found him in  Selwyn (Smokey) Adams.  
We were a different type of Black band (yes, afro centric) and
concious of it. Hence a white writer, thinking he was insulting
us, called us "7 arrogant spooks", (thank you sir, thats our
badge of pride, which you didnt understand) ..

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